"The best Surfer out there is the one having the most fun"                            (Duke Kahanamoku)  

Women Of The Waves (March 2015)

As we head into the second stage of the World Surfing League lets reflect quickly on the first stage of the tour, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast. The final was between Carissa Moore and Steph Gilmore and proved to be a great show why not watch it
Steph Gilmore is one of the key players in the womens sport, the 6 times World Champ has raised the profile and inspired lots of females to follow in her foot steps. Steph is still young though, so she wasn't the first female to enter the ocean and leave everyone gob smacked! Photo above taken from

Isabel Letham-  The first lady of the waves, Isabel surferd from 1914 to the day she died in 1995. Isabel feel in love with wave riding the day she bravely volunteered to surf tandem with the legend Duke Kahanamoku. We can only assume that ladies didn’t do such things back in those days, but Duke was introducing surfing to Oz and it looked so awesome that she wanted to be a part of it. Photo above taken from

Sarah Gerhardt- Big wave Queen, big wave surfing is not something you do just so you can call yourself a surfer. We all know this, so the fact that Sarah was the first lady to step up and take on the giants means she must have been hooked. This says a lot about a women surfers drive and desire to overcome fear!
Photo above taken from
Layne Beachley- Hard work and dedication is what Layne was about (now retired). That’s what it takes to win the ASP World title seven times. Steph Gilmore isn’t far behind this record now and we are pretty sure its inspirational characters like Layne that motivated her to get there. Photo above taken from    
Bethany Hamilton- No way we would leave out Bethany, and she is a great example of the addictive power of the surf. Losing your arm to a shark, though extremely rare, is probably not something you’d risk again. Unless your Miss Hamilton of course and surfing a wave means everything to you. Photo right taken from

So tune in to Bells beach on the 1st April and get behind these ladies.

5 Alternatives to a Surfboard (Feb 2015)

For some people its either Longboarding or Shortboarding, for others its anything to ride a wave....

Check out our top 5 alternatives to regular Surfing and why not give it a go yourself...

1) Skim Surfing- A great example of this is Austin Keens, who simply just wants to have fun, check out this video 

(Photo right taken from

2) Going Finless- Derek Hynd has been finless for a number of years now, infact they have just had a film about it. Check out the fluid motion of this clip!

(Photo left taken from

3) Blindfold Surfing?- Must be pretty cool to just use your hearing to catch a wave? Or maybe you just have to be Bruce Irons to pull that off, check this clip out! 

(Photo right taken from

4) Tandem- Potentially just show boating, but it looks quite fun in this clip

(Photo left taken from

5) Board- less- Everyone needs to body surf! Check out this clip! 

(Photo right taken from

Go forth and try new ways to ride waves!


Happy Birthday Australian Surfing, 100 Years Old today!  (January 2015)

This week Australians will celebrate 100 years of Surfing! On Jan 15th 1915 Duke Kahanamoku took his board into the sea at Freshwater Beach and from that day onwards Austrailia has been Surf made!

Check out this video...   

(Photo Right Duke taken from



8 Events In 2014 That Changed The Face Of Surfing  (December 2014)

1. Changing Tides- New locations added to Women's ASP World Tour

   At the end of 2013 the ASP announced that the Women's World Surfing Tour would include an additional 3 waves, Fiji, Trestles in California and Hossegor in France. In 2014 we got to see this all unfold adding more professionalism and prestige to the event. Better Waves allowing for a better competition and the female Surfers stepped up to the extra challenges, which were well overdue. This was one small step for the ASP and one giant leap for Women's Surfing. 


2. Surf All Day- Surf All Night- New Surfing World Record Set

In August this year, Ben Shaw a local Surfer from North Carolina, took to the Waves for 29 hours and 10 minutes, catching around 300 waves. The session started at 6:30am on the 30th August until 11:40am on the 31st, going all through the night. Ben carried out this challenge to raise money for the charity Ocean Cure, however, it also landed him in the Guinness Book of Records as he beat the previous record of 26 hours. Great job Ben! (Ben Shaw left with his wife, photo taken from World Record Academy).  

3. Manoeuvre Of The Year- Kelly's Casual Surf Session

42 year old Kelly Slater proves once again he is a Surfing genius as he casually lands a 540 when surfing on a Lay Day in Portugal. Caught on camera purely by chance many believe this was actually a 720 degree turn. Either way he won the Manoeuvre Of The Year Award at the Surfer Polls.  (Kelly Slater right, photo taken from Outside Magazine). 

Enough talking about it, click here to watch it over and over again! 

4. A Wave Of Change For Surfing- Bristol Wave Approved 

For the last 3 years a Surfing Lake has been on the agenda for Nick 
Hounsfield and his team, but this summer plans for the 'Wave Bristol' 
were given the green light by the council and fundraising has now begun!  

The Wave Bristol will not just be a Surfing destination but will have a 
High-Performance Surf Centre, an Education Centre and loads more.
A great step forward for the Sport, especially for inland communities! 

Check this link out, building starts next year! (photo above outlines the layout, taken directly from Wave Bristol).    

5. The Heat Is On- John John Delivers 5 x 9 To Kelly

Arguable the Heat of the year was that of John John Florence versus Kelly Slater at the Hurley Pro (Trestles). Florence was award 9 points for 5 of his Waves in just this one Heat. Insane! 

This is not seen every day! He unfortunately lost in the final, be sure to check out this heat by clicking here 
(Photo left John John, by Tom Carey).

6. Medina- First Brazilian Champ

     Not even 21 years old yet and Gabriel Medina has become the first Brazilian to win the World Surfing Championships. He is also the second youngest to ever win the title (Kelly Slater still holding the record for the youngest). Medina still has so much to give after only coming on to the tour in 2011, the best could be yet to come! (Photo left, Medina, taken by ASP). 

7. Riding Giants- WickrX Super Sessions

     This year Women's Big Wave Surfing has also had a boost as the WickrX Foundation decided it was about time people realised the raw talent and courage of Big Wave Surfing amongst females. 

The Sessions follow the likes of Keale Kennelly and other big names as they surf the likes of Jaws, Ocean Beach and Mavericks, to promote the female sport. Read more here! (Photo left taken from WickrX). 

8. Future Of  World Surfing Tour- WSL for 2015

Each year we see fresh new talents appearing and achieving the gob smacking results! Women's Surfing is becoming more and more prestiges and with venues like the Wave Bristol in place maybe an Olympic status is on the cards! The ASP reconise this and felt the need for change too. From Jan 2015 the ASP will become the WSL, World Surfing League, to find out more read this. (Photo left taken from ASP).    

2014 has been a hell of a year for the Surf world, lets see what 2015 brings! 


SOME Of The Best Surf Spots In The United Kingdom... According to SOME People (September 2014)

When Surfer Today asked me to write about the best spots in the UK, I thought, awesome Surfing in the UK is better than people might think, lets brag about it. Then I remembered about Surf politics, to pick Cornish Waves would upset Devon Surfers, Northern Waves might upset southern Surfers and I can't just pick English Waves when there are amazing spots in Scotland and Wales. 

Therefore I'm screwed either way, so let's begin by saying your Surf spot is  your temple and whether it's a hidden spot or over taken by fommies in the Summer to you it's the best place on earth (or you don't have the cash to go to Indo so it will do for now).

Therefore here are SOME of the best surf spots in the UK according to SOME people.....

Long-boarding Waves

    1. Saunton Sands, North Devon, England- an extremely nice mellow rolling wave on the right day and you will always find space in the summer due to the long beach and no lifeguarding zones.  It's great for all abilities just watch out for the high car parking charges and sharp gravel bare foot walk from your car to the beach.    

2. Godrevy Beach, Cornwall, England,  Sitting between sets can sometimes be frustrating if no waves are in sight, no problem here as you can take in the picturesque scenery. This National Trust beach is also quite exposed at the tip of St Ives, so it's rarely flat, not always clean,  but handles both tides. All abilities will have a shot at it, but it can get big.

3. Seven Bore, Bristol, England- I'm throwing it out there, this spot isn't the prettiest, I wouldn't recommend drinking the water or night surfing due to the random trees floating through it. However this will probably be the longest ride of your life as the one wave can carry you for miles. Worth giving it a go, especially if you are landlocked in Bristol.

Short-boarding Waves

4. Thurso, North Scotland- I couldn't not mention this world- class wave, this reefbreak however isn't for beginners as its holds arguably the most hollow barrel in the UK. The locals don't take too kindly to a new face so respect the rules of surfing and don't go unless you are ready for it.

5. Llangennith, The Gower, Wales- The Gower has a few options for decent Surf, but Llangennith is probably the most consistent. The surf can get quite sizable here making it hard to paddle out, but small days the beach break is perfect for beginners too. Why not check out 

6. Croyde- North Devon, England,  I guess it cheating to have two North Devon Waves, especially ones so close together. However when Pro Surfer Andrew Cotton works as a lifeguard on a beach and the wave is epic you can't miss it out. Croyde at its best at low tide is a world class wave, however like Fistral in Newquay, summer crowds can dampen the experience.

Wherever your Surf, have a good one!

UK surfers have been feeling the effects of winter for the past few months, those cold dark frosty mornings where it takes you an hour to scrape the ice off the surf wagon and your hands freeze as you attach your boards to the roof.
Never fear Spring is now on its way and here are  top five reason why we are stoked to see the back of winter…

No more looking like a penguin- In the winter you arrive at the beach you psyched yourself up with some music, count to ten and jump out the car. As quickly as possible you swap warm clothes for neoprene, hood gloves and boots- you simply can’t see an inch of flesh. As you head to the ocean you spot yourself in a car reflection and that’s when you realise it, just how much you look like Pingue or Cody out of Surfs up.
Now Spring is here you can put that hood away and if you’re brave enough remove the boots and gloves and look human again.

Ice cream is only for eating in the Spring- Ok admittedly in the winter the waves can be epic especially when you are the only one in, it’s a dream! That’s until you get wiped out and your face hits that icey cold water, then to make matters worse you discover your wetsuit has a hole as freezing water comes in and down your back. You are now suffering from an ice cream headache as you paddle back out through the swell.
Spring brings warmer water and that means the only ice cream you come into contact will this the one you buy from the shop.

No more walks in Antarctic conditions- After a few hours in the winter surf, the light is starting to fade and its only 4pm, so the session is over. Stoked about the last wave you have caught, your happiness soon fades as you head back up the beach and straight into an ice cold wind. The walk seems so long now, and all you dream off is your nice warm bed.
Spring allows for a much nicer end to your session, which makes you feel epic!

No more flashing the old people out on their beach stroll- At the end of your session you get back to the surf wagon and then comes the hardest part. You begin by removing the top half of your wetsuit, hood, boots and gloves and that’s when the wind and cold hit you like a train. Normally you would change in the public toilet, but it shut for the winter (typical). Quick as you can you remove the rest of your wetsuit, but it insists on sticking to your skin (probably to keep warm). You are now freezing and you don’t care who you flash, you just want those warm clothes back on.
Spring allows you to change slowly or even in the toilets, ensuring your towel doesn't fall off.

No more having to defrost the BBQ before you use it- So it was a great surf session, despite the cold, the waves were mint.  There won’t be any post surf BBQ today however, as your BBQ is more frosty than the snowman and your tongs are frozen together. Oven grilled burgers are never the same, especially eaten in front of a roaring fire.
Spring is the start of BBQ season and before you know it, you will be sitting outside until 10pm watching the sunset after tucking into flame grilled food.
So goodbye winter and hello warmth, soon it will be summer and we can’t wait!


Make 2013 the Year of the Surf (Jan 2013)

Here are a few suggestions to help you kick start your New Year resolution list! 
1. I will get fitter….
Everyone always picks this one don’t they? This is one for those that during their last surf comp suffered small but noticeable embarrassment, as their paddling wasn't as effective as it should have been. Was there a nice 5 footer you went for and your lack of speed let it slip past? Perhaps you’re just a leisure surfer who drives three hours to the beach to last all of twenty minutes in the swell before your knackered? Or maybe you just want to tone your muscles to the max and look good in that bikini? If so this one’s for you.
But wait! You find the gym boring? Well let’s face it what’s fun about running on the same spot and getting nowhere? Prefer the smell of the ocean as opposed to the oder of sweaty gym users? There is always beach yoga and there are core exercises you can do whilst watching Soul Surfer for the 1300th time, check out the Surf Girl Handbook for inspiration.

2. I will be nicer to surf kayakers…
Remember the last time a surf kayaker stole a wave from you? Then remember how you told politely that you were not happy about this? (ok there was nothing polite about it), if this rings a bell add this to your list.
Surfers share the ocean with everything from body boarders to those kids that insist on swimming in the surf zone and whose parents don’t understand why this is dangerous, to the lifeguard having fun on their paddleboard in their break. Then there are the beginners on their foamies (we were all there once), the kayakers and SUPs that you don’t mess with in fear they will smash into your Epoxy board.
If you make this your New Year’s resolution there will be a place for you in surfers heaven, so next time a surf kayaker cuts you up, don’t get mad, give them a hug!

3. I will come up with better excuses when pulling a “sicky” to grab the best waves…
We have all been there, the swell is looking epic and your boring office job is just getting in the way, so in a panic you come up with a lame excuse as to why you can’t come into work. “I've got the flu…cough cough” is fine until you are seen driving with the board on the roof. “I've got a doctors appointment, I’ll be late” also fine until you arrive at work with wet sandy hair. Everyone must need this on their list.
It’s all about thinking outside the box… So take a client surfing and say its networking, or ask people a few questions whilst in the water and claim its a market research exercise.

4. I will stop spending money on Ben Howard concerts and start spending on ding repairs- gaffer tape only works for so long….
I know, it’s not your fault, your mates are all going, you have only seen the awesome Ben Howard three times this year and Willy Mason is also playing. However, if you add up your sums and it comes to £200- £300 spent on gigs then perhaps it’s time to add this one to your list for 2013.
Instead of paying why not dust off your speakers, set them up outside, connect to your ipod and print off a massive picture of Mr Howard. Invite your friends round and that way you have your very own gig whilst saving enough money to fix your dings and make your surfboard feel loved again.

5. I will sell my surf photography pictures and use the money to go to Hossegor in search of some barrels…
You have taken some snaps at your favourite surf spot and you had over 50 likes on Facebook for some of them. Then you uploaded to Magic Seaweed and got a high rating, people have used words like “awesome” and “sweet” to describe your work. Add this to your resolutions and that dream surf trip could be closer than you think.
Contact magazines and set up a Facebook fan page, perhaps you’re the next Lucia Griggi in the making and you just don’t know it. We need more women surf photographers in the world, so snap your way into the industry and all the way to France.

6. I will subscribe to SurfGirl online, so that I'm in the know…
Your mates all rock up to the beach with the latest fashion accessories, down the pub for a post surf beer they have all heard the latest on Fitzgibbon and Gilmore. They are so up to date with fitness techniques it make you feel sick. Its not that you don’t read SurfGirl, its that you forget when its coming out so by the time you read it you are the last to know. Sound familiar? Then this one’s for you.
Visit the SurfGirl Beach Boutique and subscribe to get your mag on time and be the coolest surfer in the ocean.


Trade DVD days for Waves and be a hero (Dec 2012)

Winter is SWELL
The winter means one thing for a majority of oceans, more ocean storms, which for surfers means more swell and the chance of more rideable waves. Just last week we all felt a rush of excitement with reports of 50 ft swells heading to the Atlantic coastline and we watched in amazement at the clips of the recent waves hitting Portugal. Then there is the likes of the Cribber keeping Newquay surfers on their toes through the winter months. It not just big waves that we long for, but the large swells mean places that don’t normally get waves, get waves. In a nutshell this means more surfers, get more swell, more often.
Keep an eye on Magic Seaweed and when the wind works its magic, enjoy the surf, you might not see it again when summer hits.

Only the ocean and you
The waves are perfect, small, manageable and fun or for you heroes out there, big, tough and scary. There is just one problem; there simply is no space in the line up. Well we have all been there, but come winter this simply isn't a problem. No crowds, no dropping in, no wanna be surfers in sight. Just you, the waves and the real soul surfers enjoying the action. You got to grab your chances or you will be kicking yourself when a surf kayaker nicks all your waves in the summer.

Witness the fitness
Every year you surf as much as possible through the summer and by the end you are a lean mean surfing machine. Then Christmas hits, mince pies come out, it takes you up till February to finish of your Xmas chocolate stash. Then comes Easter (chocolate heaven) and before you know it, its spring surf time, paddling is harder, you are slower and after 10 minutes you are asleep on your board.
To make matters worse you are up against those that found the money to head to sunny surf climates for the winter and those that took advantage of the winter swell. Beating you to every wave and taking the attention of the surfer boy that you quite like the look of.
Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration, but winter surfing will keep your fitness up, your muscles toned and put you a head thousands in the fight for summer waves. No more excuses, get out and surf.

Have a break from windbreaks
Don’t get us wrong, sitting on a board between sets, and looking back at the coastline on a warm summers day is an awesome experience. That’s until you realise you can’t see the sand as there are so many people and you can’t enjoy the view as there are so many multi colour wind breaks in the way. If this sounds familiar then winter surfing is the one for you. Picture the scene; the beach is empty apart from the occasional dog walker, cliff tops covered in snow and you even have time to build your own surfer snowman (sorry girl). The picturesque views will make you forget the cold and enjoy the waves.

No more sitting, waiting wishing for a space
Ok it may not seem much of a benefit, but there simply is nothing worse than getting to a beach car park paying £7 for parking, then waiting for a space to become available. You finally make it into the sea for an hour before you need to get out and back on the road. Winter for surfers means free car parking in most spots and plenty of spaces, meaning more time in the surf and less time in the car. It also means you can go for a post surf hot chocolate with your car parking money, making you a winner.
So no more excuses, or hiding in your house, get out there and enjoy it!

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